Achieving Goals…

I was sitting here thinking about how 4 years ago my engagement ended with my boyfriend of 8 years and how I spent 2 years recovering, healing and learning about myself. In 2010 I made a decision to drive forward aggressively and make up for lost time by pursuing what I always dreamed of. In those two years I’ve conquered MANY of my dreams and goals. Here’s a quick list to give you an idea of short term goals I set. 1) Get on SYTYCD 2) Work for and with Brian Friedman (I worked for him on America’s Got Talent, X-factor & Kevin Stea’s music video) 3) Get on The PULSE Convention as permanent Faculty 4) Work more in general as a choreographer and teach less 5) Lose weight and be healthy 6) Find balance in my life between work and friends 7) Take risks and be happy. Those were my goals and I can proudly say I have and AM conquering them! I had no rigid structure in my approach. I just internally believed in my goals and visualized them and spent everyday working towards achieving them. I also don’t do anything that doesn’t make me happy or fulfill me. I have an ongoing joke with my partner in crime, Kevin Frey that I never know what choreography job is coming next so (since he’s on the Lady Gaga World Tour) he may have to pay my rent should I not have a job. LOL….. (I have a nice savings account and a convention teaching gig so I’ll never really need it but it’s fun to joke with him). He laughs because every time I complete a choreography job he asks me what’s coming next and if he’ll have to pay my rent for the next month. He always laughs at how things just fall into place for me. I’ve been blessed to have booked choreography work back to back for the past year or so. It’s all about believing friends! I hope sharing my short story with you has inspired you to work hard and believe.

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